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Cracked UT2004 Dedicated Server - Linux

This tutorial will show you how to first install a Unreal Tournament 2004 Dedicated Server on Linux, update it with the latest patch (v3369), and crack the files to stop the server from checking CD Keys.
Also, this server will show up in the cracked/demo serverlist.

First, go to root and create the dir for the server and go into it:

mkdir ut2004-win
cd ut2004-win

Now download the server files:


Extract the archive, then delete it:


Download our better (linux friendly) v3369 update:


Install p7zip (if you haven't already) and extract this archive:

apt-get install p7zip
p7zip -d UT2004-Better3369Update.7z

Go into patch dir and overwrite server files with patched files:

cd UT2004-Patch
tar cf - . |(cd ../; tar xvf -)
cd ../System

Download the cracked files, which also includes a crash fix (Core.dll).


Extract and overwrite with the cracked files:

p7zip -d UT2004-3369-Win-Cracked-Files.7z
(Press 'Y' to overwrite on all three files)

Download a preconfigured settings file:


Install wine, if you haven't already

apt-get install wine

Try out the server!
Note: First time running, it does "Moving 'Save.tmp' to 'Packages.md5' for awhile. Just wait and it should continue ;)

wine UCC.exe server ONS-RedPlanet?game=Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame ini=ut2004-server.ini log=ut2004-server.log


Centos p7zip

If you are running a centos server, it will lack "apt-get". You can use "yum" to download p7zip, but you will have to configure your machine to a third party repository.

Instructions here:

I was originally having issues with the cmds; "p7zip" and "7z" were not valid commands. I was able to use "7za -e" to extract.


be ez