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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cracked / Private Server List

MW2 Servers are made possible through using alterIWnet fourDELTAone RepZ IW4.
Click the  icon to the right of the server you want to automatically join that server
I do not know of any way to directly launch the game into a server at the moment.
Although, once in the client you can hit the tilde ` key and type connect {ip:port}

CODMW2 Server List Online

CC IP Address:Port Server Name Game Mode Ver. Map Players Join Team DeathMatch 0.5.4 mp_terminal 2 / 18 Team DeathMatch 0.5.4 mp_rust 0 / 18

CC IP Address:Port Server Name Game Mode Ver. Map Players Join

Servers: 625 Players: 2 Max Players: 7701


how to join

how do you join a server

mw2 server is down

cod mw2 server is down seampro client and repziw4 both are not working which client should i download to keep playing please send me the link to download.....


Check out these guys:

That is the new popular MW2 client.



To longer working properly :)

To longer working properly :)



je ne voi plus les serveurs afficher ese normal ?

hi guys how can i play in this server

hi need some help how can i start in this server